There is no doubt that Google is the ‘King of the Internet’ with a big share of search activities.

Yet, millions of users still prefer a different search engine like Bing. Yes, more than 133 million people are searching using the Bing network. If you advertise your business on Bing, you can make some of the most profitable leads.  At Verve Innovation, we have in-depth knowledge and experience to manage your entire Bing advertising campaign and achieve the results you always wanted.


Our Bing Advertising Procedure:

Initially, our PPC experts conduct a comprehensive audit of current performance, pay close attention to all crucial metrics and identify factors that affect your performance. We also research keywords to feed them into a targeted, optimized campaign.

Before we implement the campaign, we will research your audience and determine where they are from, what keywords they use and what factors encourage their buying decision. Depending upon all these factors, we will come up with an ad copy that appeals to them.
Our PPC specialists incorporate optimisation and the best practices into your Bing ad copy. We will take on your tone of voice to ensure that it is appealing to your target audience.
We also build optimised landing pages to direct your traffic to focused URL. By doing so, we can satisfy the needs of the user, increase conversion rate, maximise transactions and show Bing that you are relevant.
We adopt a proactive approach, meaning that we closely monitor and optimise Bing ads on a regular basis. We identify opportunities to boost the performance of your ad and make necessary steps to push on your conversions.

How Do We Make The Ad Campaigns Successful?

  • We understand your business’s needs and target the audience accordingly
  • We create easy-to-understand, precise ad content for the campaigns.
  • We plan and create tailored ad campaign as per your business’s needs.
  • We focus on driving more profit to your business.
  • We work with the objectives of reducing CPC and maximising ROI for your business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    While Google Ads remains stronger, the benefits of using Bing Ads are manifold:

    • Cheaper cost-per-click
    • Less competition
    • Compatibility with Google ads
    • Higher engagement and conversion rates
    • In-market audience targeting
    • Device targeting

    These features make Bing Ads the best alternative to Google Ads.

    The different types of Bing Advertising Ads are:

    • Expanded Text Ads
    • Dynamic search ads
    • Product ads
    • App Install Ads
    • Responsive search ads
    • Microsoft Audience Ads
    • Microsoft Advertising in Bing Smart Search

    While most advertisers view Bing Ads and Google Ads as competitors, the best advertising strategy is to leverage both the platforms simultaneously to create persuasive ad campaigns.

    • Your Bing ads can appear on the search result page of Bing, AOL, Yahoo and partner websites like
    • Your ads can appear for customers who use their smartphones and tables on-the-go to search for the similar product or service you offer
    • You can display your ads to customers in particular locations or to the customers who speak specific languages.


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