Like The Wild Plants We Helped Online Plants to Grow in All Places and Spread Its Aroma Across Australia.

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About Online Plants

Online Plants are Australia’s first and largest online nursery. They are passionate about providing you with the highest quality plants at affordable prices. To emphasize they commit to your garden and guarantee their plants for a period of 3 months from purchase.

Online Plants partnered with Verve Innovation with an intension to capture the market across Australia. We have now been working together for over 5+ Years. Overcoming lots of riddles and hurdles over the years, Online Plants is thriving more than ever even in today’s highly competitive online nursery industry.

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So How It’s Done? – Project Summary

Marketing Channels

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media



  • Increase sales by over 75%
  • Increase organic traffic from Australia by above 75%
  • Increase overall visitors from Australia by above 90%



  • Redesign website with upgraded and latest core CMS to improve security, user experience and website performance
  • Use the strong local SEO base created to our advantage with further optimization of individual categories and products.
  • Perform website SEO Audit and improve ranking for potential high traffic driving relevant keywords
  • Analyze user behavior and optimize the website for improved user interaction and overall experience
  • Analyze the product performance based on season and promote based on gathered data.
  • Watch out and optimize for Spring season as its the peak time for plant nursery
  • Personalized and seasonal promotion material sent to subscribed customer email through email campaigns.
  • Build strong backlinks through articles and directories to maintain and improve authority of the website
  • Regular articles and blogs update to keep the website fresh and better internal linking.



  • 162.68% increase in Sales
  • 461.35% increase in organic traffic
  • 407.07% increase in total website visitors

2021 data compared to 2018

Key Outcomes

Australian Website Visitors 


Increased by

Australian Organic Traffic Up 


Increased by

Sales Up 


Increased by

“Verve Innovation have been providing my company ‘onlineplants’ with outstanding IT service and advice for several years. In that time our online sales, inquiries and site visits has increased dramatically.”

Leigh Murphy

Online Plants