Now, you can turn Google into your product catalogue with shopping ads.

As one of the best PPC advertising techniques, shopping ads allow you to showcase your products on Google’s home page. Instead of displaying the old text ads, you can create a browsable catalogue for your target audience with product images, prices and other key info that encourage their buying decisions.

We Are Here To Help You!

Not sure how to get started with shopping ads and reap all its benefits? Let Verve Innovation’s PPC team help you! As a Google Partner agency, we have the experience to make shopping ads work for your business. Our experts can create and optimize your campaign to increase conversions, improve sales, maximize ROI and achieve your business objectives.

Feed Integration:

Our shopping ad experts and e-commerce developers work together to integrate and optimize product feeds so that your website and shopping feed work perfectly together. With massive expertise in all leading e-commerce platforms, we are able to maximize product visibility, streamline your operations and drive more ROI for your business.

Creation and Set-Up of an Effective Campaign:

Our PPC experts can help you in several areas such as defining campaign budget, time management, bid management, data feeds, upgrade requirements and more. With a perfect combination of the best industry practices and professional expertise, we can create and run shopping ad campaign that brings results right from the beginning.

Optimization & Maintenance

We implement a data-driven approach and approved techniques to improve the effectiveness of your campaign. We optimize and maintain your feeds on a regular basis to perform better, increase sales and maximize ROI. We also optimize your ecommerce website for shopping ads to streamline the process.

Unleash The Power of Shopping Ads:

Shopping ads are effective at displaying your products in front of users when they search for products similar to the ones you offer. These ads show the image, title, merchant name and price of your product together with direct competitors, improving the accessibility of your products. It allows users to compare products from different retailers on the same page, giving you the chance to stay ahead of your competitors.

Why Shopping Ads?

  • Why Shopping Ads?
  • Stand out
  • Grab attention
  • Drive quality leads
  • Achieve higher conversion rates
  • Easy to manage
  • Cost effective
  • Broader reach and exposure

Whether you already run shopping ads and need help with optimizing it or want us to create a campaign from scratch, we are ready to do it for you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your shopping ads appear on:

    • The shopping tab on Google Search
    • Next to search results on Google search
    • Google partner websites
    • Google Display Network that includes Gmail, Google Discover and YouTube.

    Google shopping ads management demands a lot of effort, and here is what we do to achieve the expected results.

    • Feed optimisation
    • Bid strategy optimisation
    • Audience targeting strategy
    • Monitoring & reporting

    The cost of Google Shopping Ads Campaign depends merely on the scope of visibility you want for your products. The cost also depends on the total number of products you have.

    Absolutely, we would prefer to use your existing Google Ads account. If you don’t have one, we will create it for you.


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