YouTube, the largest video platform on the web, the second biggest social media network after Facebook and the second largest search engine after Google, offers a great platform for businesses to build brand awareness and promote their product or service.

Verve Innovation, an end-to-end digital marketing company and a certified Google Partner, has an expert team that can handle every facet of your YouTube marketing strategy. From sorting out your audience and developing a full advertising strategy to video creation, optimisation and marketing, we take care of everything to build your brand, increase lead generation and drive up conversions.

How Do We Do It?

Refining Your Target Audience

As with any form of advertising, you should focus on your target audience to achieve the best results. We will zone down your target audience depending on their age, gender, demographic, viewing habits, interests and time of day they are active on the channel, giving yourself an opportunity to get a great return on investment.

Video Creation

We have a full team of producers, videographers, editors, script writers and graphic designers who can create the most effective and engaging video contents for any type of business. Remember that, you can’t complete on this video platform without a great video content.

Deciding On Your Budget and Channels

Our PPC consultants and YouTube advertising experts can assist you with the cost-per-view bidding process based on your budget. We can also help you decide on the YouTube channels and the type of adverts that best suit your business.

Setting Up The Adverts

Now, it’s time to put your video ad to live. From then, you can drive a huge volume of views, better click-through rates, increased awareness and higher ROI, all leading to the achievement of your business goals.

Analysis, Optimisation & Reporting

From increasing your brand’s social media presence to promoting a specific landing page, we can tailor your YouTube advertising campaigns to the unique needs of your business. We closely monitor the progress of your ads, optimise all the key factors and send regular reports on the performance of your campaign.

Let’s bring your business in front of your prospective customers in a cost-effective way!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The factors that influence your YouTube advertising cost are:

    • Your ad type
    • Your bid
    • Your bidding selection
    • Your targeting options

    Your YouTube advertising video should be at least 12 seconds long and can span up to the maximum of 3 minutes.

    • YouTube spreads almost one-third of the internet.
    • YouTube Mobile Ads hold user’s attention 84% more than TV ads
    • 90% of internet users use YouTube
    • 68% of YouTube users make purchasing decisions after watching videos

    These statistics demonstrate that advertising on YouTube is really beneficial to any business.

    Yes, we do. We have a team of videographers, editors, graphic designers, scrip writers, producers and voice-over presenters who work together to create a polished video content for promoting your brand on YouTube.


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