Over 88% of the consumers read and trust online reviews
before connecting with a business.

No matter what your industry is, managing and responding to reviews is a vital part of your online presence. Negative reviews can taint your reputation, and so taking the time to responding to negative comments is important.

Don’t let fake, unfair and negative reviews affect your business. Let Verve Innovation manage the situation and turn reviews into a lead-driving engine. Our team of review management experts will evaluate your online presence and execute a strategy to take your business to the next level.

How Does Our Online Review Management Service Work?

  • Audit the existing Google reviews
  • Remove the negative reviews that violate the terms of service
  • Recognize customers who are more likely to provide good reviews of your business
  • Find out unhappy customers before they engage a public review platform
  • Direct dissatisfied customers to you to resolve their issue
  • Prepare an actionable plan to help increase positive review generation

We Do It By:

Google review management is not about deleting the negative reviews, but it’s all about understanding the root cause of them. Our review management experts evaluate the root cause of the bad reviews, reach out to your customers and work to resolve them. We also take necessary steps to have the hostile and non-factual reviews to be removed by reporting them to Google.

We work with you to identify the online review platforms that have the best potential to positively impact your business. We also reach out to your existing customers and ask them to present feedback and reviews about their experience with your organization. Then, we take steps to generate positive content on your company website and social media platforms. Our team takes on the task of encouraging positive reviews from your customers, which in turn, lead to an improved reputation of your organization.

Businesses can make or break depending on the reviews that they receive online. Getting positive reviews is an important task that you can only trust the experts to manage it. Here at Verve Innovation, we have years of experience under our belts in managing the brands of different industry verticals. Our Google review management experts know how to put your business in the limelight while keeping the darkness at bay.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Google Review Management involves monitoring of what is being said about a brand on the internet and addressing reviews that are potentially damaging your reputation. We work with your team to rectify the issue and turn it into a positive one.
    Some reviews may not be defamatory or it may not come under Google’s removal criteria. In these circumstances, you will not be able to secure its removal. The only way to address such negative reviews is to provide a thoughtful, measured response to the reviewer. You can approach the reviewer and recommend a follow-up visit to your business to see if you can improve his/her experience.

    Yes, we can remove negative reviews posted by competitors or unknown person, provided it complies with Google policy guidelines. We can remove the Google reviews that are hurting your business to regain control over your brand’s image online. Flagging the comment as inappropriate is the first step.

    When review is used to advertise another business or it includes a link to other website

    • If Google thinks the review is spam
    • When the review is not relevant to the business
    • If the review contains offensive language or content
    • When linked to illegal content
    • If the review contains any copyrighted material
    • If there is confidential information in the review


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