Using Facebook for your business is a great way to establish your online presence, develop brand awareness and connect with
your target audience.

As a leading digital marketing company, Verve Innovation has helped hundreds of clients across Melbourne and Sydney achieve their business objectives by providing exceptional Facebook advertising and management services. Our team of social media advertising experts will transform your Facebook presence with high-quality content and daily activity, putting you in front of your key audience.

How Do We Do It?

Analyse Your
Audience Base

We begin your Facebook advertising campaign with deep analysis of your audience base. Our professionals take time to assess your current audience and target audience to determine who they are, what kind of posts they like and respond to.

Design a Strategy &
Tailored Content

Then, we will design a strategy based on the parameters of your target demographic (location, age, interest, affiliation, job industry, job title, followers of competitors, etc.). Following this, we will collaborate with our in-house design team to construct dynamic Facebook ads that will be visible in the newsfeeds of the audience whom you want to engage with.

Build Brand-Audience

Using the tools at our disposals and with exceptional levels of access to your target market, we ensure that your message is delivered appropriately. When your target audience see your ads on their newsfeed or shared by any of their friends, they not only associate with your post but also your brand too. This helps building brand-audience relationship, and thereby increasing engagement and maximising ROI of your business.


Our Facebook retargeting service is an excellent way of regaining the attention of those people who have previously shown interest in your service or product. This process of bringing back a huge proportion of potential customers who were lost after their first visit will result in increased leads, enquiries, sales and ROI.

Why Verve Innovation For Facebook Advertising?

  • We know how to use Facebook to your business advantage and get expected results from your advertising budget.
  • We create Facebook advertising campaign that can grow lead numbers, increase foot traffic, boost online sales, drive targeted audience and add to your ROI.
  • We take time to develop a bespoke Facebook advertising strategy that is not only unique to your business but also engages an audience that by no means you knew existed.
  • We are experts in paid Facebook marketing and know how to attract a key audience to your brand while keeping your existing followers entertained.


With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, we have garnered excellent reputation from our customers for delivering first-class service.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You should advertise your business on Facebook for its affordability, large user base and exclusive ad targeting options. With Facebook targeting, you can serve ads to people as per the demographics, interests, behaviours, connections and custom audiences.

    You no longer need to have a Facebook page to run ads, because your ad would run in the scenario of ‘click-to-website’. However, we encourage our clients to have a Facebook page as click-to-website ad results in new ‘likes’ on your page, giving you more benefits from Facebook advertising.

    With Facebook Advertising, you can display ads on

    • Mobile news feed
    • Desktop news feed
    • Audience network
    • Messenger app
    • Instagram
    • Right column

    We can help you determine which one works best for your business.

    Your Facebook advertising budget depends merely on your specific goals for the campaign and the audience you are targeting.


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